What does “QRS” stand for? 

"QRS" has been designed for those specific cases, in which the standard delivery time will not suffice.

“QRS” stands for Quick Response Service.

Within TankTech, “QRS” orders enjoy highest priority. Immediately upon an order's receipt, we take all measures required in order to facilitate the calibration as soon as possible.

While the measurements still take place, the recorded data is already transmitted to our headquarter, where it immediately will be analyzed and processed by our engineers*.

What is the response time? 

The response time is the time it takes from an order's receipt until (initial) results can be issued. 

Depending on the location of the calibration, the following guidelines may be applied:

Location             Response Time in hours 

Benelux countries                                12

Germany                                                16

Remaining European countries**     24            

United States / Asia**                       48          

South America**                                 48

* Subject to the availability of an appropriate internet connection.

** Subject to the availability of appropriate flightconnection. In case the vessels are located in countries where a visa is required , the response time will be affected respectively.